Why was SoulMate Plan™ created?

SoulMate Plan™ was developed by Denise and Emmett Culley, relationship coaches.

If you read the story in how we met, you now know that I was just like most of the women I teach.  I was clueless about men and relationships and had a abysmal track record for love and dating.  So when my friends witnessed how happily in love I was with my new husband, they were dumb struck!  How did this happen?  What happened to Denise who found something wrong with every man she dated and what caused this major transformation.  They now wanted what I had and would pay anything to have it.  So they asked us to offer a training session.  My husband Emmett asked the trainer from the course where we met to train us.  After he said we were ready, we invited people from our community to attend our pilot course. We called it Relationships 123™, a program to train men and women on how to have extraordinary partnerships.  We taught models of partnership, communication, intimacy building and debunking the division created by gender differences.  Plus we taught them how to handle conflicts and develop a relationship based on partnership, where both people were equally attentive to the success of the relationship.

I personally thought the pilot was a disaster, so I decided to use my corporate training experience (I developed training in my former job), and worked to fine tune the course. While I was doing that, the participants from the pilot course (to my great surprise) evidently didn’t think it was a disaster, because they recommended the course to their friends. With every course, I kept fine tuning it, till the end result was that EVERY couple was transformed by the lessons and skills they learned.  You gotta get, the definition of transformed.  This is not the same as “had a good time and left with good information”.  Transformation means that what they learned changed their life and their relationship!  The feedback from the men and women who took the course, described the intensive weekend as extraordinary and life altering.

Relationships 123™ was profoundly effective in creating a new awareness and understanding about men and women and how to build a mutually beneficial partnership model, and as a result spread by word of mouth to five towns and three states.

After 7 years, while the course was tremendously effective for couples, I noticed that single women had concerns and needs not addressed in the course.  After all, the course was designed to teach how to have an extraordinary relationship.  Single women felt they weren’t ready to learn partnership skills until they had a partner.  In the course, sometimes the couples who attended were ready for divorce.  They tried everything else, even several therapists.  Our course was their last ditch effort to save their marriage.  And in most cases, the experience repaired their marriage and brought them back to love.  In the case of couples who were not committed to be partners to each other, they left feeling uplifted and healed from their pain and finally had the answer to whether they were doing the right thing by divorcing.  Even ending a relationship in clarity and respect is a win-win!

Now, let’s get to the topic of single women

After many courses, I eventually had the thought, if I could teach women how to choose the right partner and also know how to start and maintain a relationship based on partnership, then I would have less couples looking to us to fix their relationship.  Brilliant, right?
I started by coaching many single women.  Trends amongst single women over 40 started to emerge.

When it came to single women, these are the most common patterns that women usually ignored.

  • Women don’t know why men fall in love
  • Women don’t understand the power and magic that they are for men
  • Women waste their time on men that are not really demonstrating true love patterns
  • Women start off relationships empowering men and leaving themselves out as a priority

Since I myself operated under the same blindness about men and relationship until that one fateful weekend, when I attended a weekend workshop that opened my eyes, I knew that was the answer.  But I am going to tell you something sincerely.  Even though the course that I took opened my eyes and led me down the path of amazing marital bliss, not many of the women in the course I attended did as well.  I had the benefit of many years of work, self reflection, and I am an analyst by nature.  I have to know the answer, and I will question and explore and probe till I reach success.  I’ve done this for other areas of my life.  Unlike most people, when I take a course, I implement it into my life.  I get that, and see that!  That is what makes me a great teacher.  I will tweak and tweak a course until it’s reached the level of transformation.  I am not happy unless, what I teach changes their lives.  To do that you not only have expertise level of knowledge about the material, but it has to presented in an entertaining and memorable way.  And finally, I need to be really present, so that I don’t miss a clue about the participant’s engagement and comprehension.

SoulMate Plan™ is the brain child of Coach Denise, her mission is to:

  • Empower women to see her own worth
  • Raise women’s standards for how to be loved
  • Teach them the power of “Happiness” and “Making Requests” as basics women need to embrace
  • How to “Pick” better partners – men who are devoted and signs that he is not only into you, but he has what it takes to be a long term partner
  • Teach women Partnership standards and her role as the guiding light for keeping the partnership on track
Why Coach Denise created the SoulMate Plan™

After identifying common patterns, I started teaching women in my home town.  As you now know when I develop a course, I won’t stop refining it till it’s perfect, and until the material transforms their lives.  Once I started really getting into the project of helping women make better choices and understanding men and how with the guidance from a SoulMate Plan™ trained woman, even men are deliriously happy, just like my husband. But offering classes to just local women was not satisfactory for me, I wanted to help more women. It was confounding for me to watch women suffer heart break, waste their time with men who were clearly not going to fulfill a long term healthy relationship. I wanted to open their eyes and have them raise their standards for love, respect and partnership. I could see patterns easily, and felt that if I trained women to see patterns too, that they would make better choices and recognize sooner when a relationship was not going to work.

I then took a sabbatical off from Relationships 123™ to focus on single women. With the help of my programmer husband, we developed online programs, webinars, ebooks, currently working on new technologies such as Facebook live.   I’ve have gathered experts and resources and platforms to deliver the programs and foster enlightenment.

My philosophy and underlying mission is that if you teach these skills and standards to women, society will ultimately see a shift in divorce, happiness, fulfillment and men will be delighted and benefit in the hands of their newly enlightened partners. It’s a win-win.

With Love,

Would You like to hear Emmett’s Perspective?

We really are a partners in life, so therefore I wanted you to read Emmett’s perspective about how Soulmate Plan came into existence.  It clearly shows his love and devotion to me and us.

In Emmett’s Words

The fact is, our relationship is so easy that our responsibility has become clear to us.  Our goal is to share with others how to have the relationship of their dreams. Actually it did not start out that way.  Everyone who saw us together commented on the obvious special connection we had with each other.  They wanted to know where to get the training, because they wanted what we had.

That’s why we gave up lucrative careers in high tech to develop and lead the weekend programs we called “Inspired Relationships”.  We brought what we’ve learned to others that are interested in having the relationship of their dreams.  After 5 years of successfully teaching couples and singles in a weekend workshop around the country, it was clear that we were helping couples save their marriages.  The magic formula was that we were giving them partnership tools that they never had before. They weren’t hard to comprehend.  The sign of a great course is to present ideas and skills in a memorable and clever way that would have them not only remember the tools, but use for them for the rest of their lives.  I know we accomplished that goal, because even today, I hear either directly or from their friends who introduced them to our program, how they still use the tools they learned at the workshop, and how it made it so easy to have a great marriage.  Awesome feedback!  Truly the best reward for us, to know how the course lives still in their minds and hearts.

Then Denise had an epiphany.  Instead of repairing relationships, why don’t we teach them while they are single, before they start their relationships. After all most of the problems that we are seeing are common for most couples, so why not give the information in advance, thereby circumventing the patterns that contributes to most failed relationships. Denise realized the best place to start was with women.  Why?  Because women are the heart of a relationship. They see things that men don’t see.  And they have an advantage.  Men in love will ultimately respect and follow his woman’s wishes, because she holds the keys to the kingdom. Ironic isn’t it, that women hold the keys to the relationship kingdom, yet they don’t know it, and therefore don’t know their power.  If women everywhere realized the power they have over men, the world would be a very very different place.  No kidding!  If ever woman on the planet had this information, the divorce rate would be a very low occurrence.  It’s that comprehensive.

As Denise started her quest to teach women, what she then noticed was an even bigger pattern. Women were choosing men who were wrong for them, but could not see it!  It was as though they had blinded as soon as they met a guy that they fell for. It was clear, that before she could teach them how to keep and guide a relationship, she had to fix their broken pickers. What is a broken picker?  It’s a pattern of choosing the wrong mate.  The mission was clear.  Come up with a simple tool for women to clearly know if a man is the right partner.

So we stopped offering the “Inspired Relationships” workshop and Denise worked on designing programs for single women.  Here is what you don’t yet know about my wife.  She has a genius about designing programs.  She knows how to create something that transcends the normal standards for classes, books and programs.  She has an uncanny ability to speak straight into issues and then communicates them in a simple yet inspired way, that people are inspired and feel as though they have been given magical formulas to relationship success.

After spending a year coaching women one on one, she finally came up with an amazingly simple to follow test.  She calls it SoulMate Map™.  It’s a map for women to use to determine if men will successfully meet her long term soul mate compatibilities.  If you follow it, you will have success!  Say goodbye to a broken picker!  Hello, empowered women, who now hold the inside information that will prevent you from falling for men who are truly the best partner for you.  It will even help you from realizing when a man is someone you might love, but will fail as a long term compatible partner for you.  It’s the best divorce prevention step you could take.  You could even think of it as a crystal ball into your future with that man.  Follow it, and you will save yourself from future failed relationships.
Hope our story has inspired you!


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