There's nothing like a love life with a great partner!

Being in love with a man who loves and respects you, and  behaves like a partner is a happy, happy life.  I have that!  I didn’t have that in any of my former relationships. I didn’t because I did not know what that looked like.  I settled. 

But now that I do, I don’t ever take it for granted.  “I love my life with you” is something I say to my husband often, because it feels that great!  So it’s my life’s mission to help women achieve this great love!  Every woman deserves it too!

Do you want to have fun dating, meet a great guy and eventually fall in love?

But what if you don’t know how to recognize a man who will be a loving partner? What if you choose poorly?

In other words you have a BROKEN PICKER!
Dating isn’t easy, especially after age 40. Dating today is complicated. How do you really know a person? And the enormity of the fear and disappointment can be overwhelming.
What if there is a way to date confidently by identifying in advance
whether a man is partner worthy and your best match?

The first step is realizing you might have a broken picker

It’s Not Your Fault You have a Broken Picker!

Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve been taught to treat boys differently

  • Boys don’t express themselves like girls
  • He doesn’t have to clean house because he has boy chores
  • When a boy hits or pushes you, it means he likes you
  • Boys are lazy, or not as smart as girls
  • Boys don’t like it when you compete with them
  • That’s not lady like
  • Boys have urges, and are driven by their testosterone

Then the message become an adult version after you’re a teen:

  • Men don’t like to talk about their feelings
  • Housework is for women; Men have manly chores
  • “I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s your fault you made me mad”
  • Men rule the world, women have to work harder to prove themselves
  • Men are intimidated by women who earn more or are smarter
  • Women who don’t follow through are teases
  • My balls are blue and you need to do something to relieve them
  • If you want to attract a man, show more cleavage or legs
  • It’s her fault for dressing like that
  • You’re too picky

If you really look at it, your patterns for dating started when you were an impressionable teen, and have not changed much.   It’s the absence of understanding men and caring more about what you need and deserve rather than trying to be what you think men want that has you confused and weak in your approach to love.  (read that again, it’s an important point!)

Well it’s time to change that.  It’s time for clarity and empowerment

Because it’s the absence of clarity that allows those ridiculous, minimizing ideas about love that’s affecting your thinking. Once you complete the SoulMate Discovery course, you’ll have an online Love Compatibility Profile, to guide your decisions and choices in men.  The experience of completing course will be empowering and you will immediately make better choices.  It’s that effective. At least that’s why all of my clients have changed their lives after finishing the SoulMate Discovery Course.

Your Love Compatibility Profile will be available for you to use forever, or until you finally meet the man who is intended to be your life partner.   So, before you invest your heart to a man who makes your heart leap, let’s make sure he’s a keeper and not just another flash in the night!

“Denise said my taste in men would change after completing my SoulMate Discovery course. It did, and now I am in love with the most amazing man, whom I would have passed on, in the past!”

No wonder you think Dating Is Difficult!

  • You’re discouraged by the pool of men to date

  • You have a tendency to choose men who are wrong for you

  • The men you are attracted to, are not attracted to you

  • You thought the date went well, but you don’t hear from him again

  • It’s hard to know when to continue dating or give up

  • Even if the dates go well, you don’t know whether he’s compatible

  • You wonder if you can trust your gut

  • You’ve been hurt by lying or cheating men

  • You fear another heart ache or break-up

  • Unfortunately you don’t see red flags until it’s too late

All of that can change right after we fix your broken picker

Do you attract or choose men who break your heart?

  • Your friends and family don’t like the men you date

  • Your relationships can last for years, but a deep connection is missing

  • You’re tired of selfish, self-indulgent or ‘boy’ men

  • You want a partner not a man who needs a maid or mother

  • You get frustrated with dating and plan to give up

  • You want to believe there is hope for you but all you feel is disillusioned

  • You have a tendency to be a serial dater, but never fall in love

  • And , you don’t have 1 to 20 years to waste on a man who is not partner material

If you answered YES to any of those, then read on

The SoulMate Discovery Course will impact more than just your love life

While the intention of creating the SMD Course was to help women to choose men based on a cleverly collected set of values, goals and compatible lifestyle, the impact  actually has changed women’s lives in other ways… Here is a list of results women have accomplished as reported by clients.  (names not provided for privacy policy)

  • “I moved to be closer to a town with the activities and lifestyle I love”
  • “I realized what partner standards that I needed to improve in myself”
  • “I use it all the time as I date, to compare the men I am dating to see who fits me the most”
  • “After getting more involved with a guy, I’ll consulted my Love Compatibility Profile to see what I need to learn about him”
  • “I gained clarity about why my marriage failed, and was able to move on”

Here’s The Goal

To improve your standards for love and become an expert at choosing men. To end disappointing, substandard love and discover men who love and adore you

No more:

  • Wondering if he’s the one
  • Wondering why it didn’t work out
  • Wondering if he’s into you
  • Failed relationships, just because you didn’t see in advance all the red flags
  • Fooled, because he says all the right things, but fails to back it up with action
  • Making excuses for men who lie, cheat or disrespect

In other words, you will find clarity, empowerment, hope and will attract a different caliber of man, because what you will learn will give the realization that you are in the driver seat because you are no longer trying to be what men want.  Instead you realize that YOU now have a powerful list of what qualities to guide you to what you deserve and desire in a mate.  No longer fall into broken picker patterns, because you new Soulmate Discovery List will keep you from making another mistake.

If That Is Exciting To You, Read On…


True Story:

I created this program initially to help a woman who had the fatal flaw of staying with a husband who was bleeding her dry, and she reached the point where, he had depleted her bank account, and they were on the verge of losing the house to foreclosure!  No one could get her to see the truth about this bum! Her flaw was that she fell in love with his romantic qualities, and therefore kept faith that someday he would be the man she thought he was.  He didn’t care about her!  He didn’t even act like a partner.  But every time he would lie or cheat, he would distract her by being charming and fool her into the hope that he would change.  The real truth is that she didn’t actually love him but instead she loved this illusion of him from empty promises.

At the end of the course is a compatibility test

She completed the Soulmate Discovery Course and then evaluated her husband against the compatibility test. There it was in black and white.  Of the thirty qualities she felt were desired and necessary in a true partner, he only had two of them.  I asked her, do you feel he had the ability to become the other twenty-eight missing qualities. NO!  She went home that weekend, packed her valuables and gave up on the marriage.  Too bad she didn’t have this tool years ago.  Not only did she lose her life savings, her home (which he moved into), but also her relationship with her kids.  Because in the process of blindly loving him, she lost the respect and ultimately the connection with her adult kids.

What will you learn about you?

Another amazing end result is that you will discover just how special you are, and what value you offer a man who falls in love with you!  Of the women who completed the course, they shared that they gained clarity and confidence about dating.  They felt they now have a new awareness and approach to seeing men for their partner compatibility, and they also realized their own value and offering as a partner.  Part of the path to discovering what values and qualities to look for in a mate requires some self awareness of the traits you value and therefore offer as a partner.

Life is so sweet when you are with a man who is compatible and in love with YOU

Say Goodbye to Self Doubt, Fatal Mistakes and Failures

What if you don’t choose wisely, because you don’t know how?  In other words YOU have a Broken Picker!

Bottom line if you are struggling to form a healthy love relationship it may be that you have a broken way of choosing. Maybe long ago you were told nonsense about how relationships work and you’re ready to hear that approach to relationships is broken.

Be encouraged. Find that hope again, and even trust yourself again! Move into that place where you can truly be your best self and enjoy the best of love.

Earlier, I made a claim that the goal is to discover the love of your life and the love of his life in you.

To achieve that goal, I promise to provide you with extraordinary courses and not give up on you!

Most of the women who go through the process are successful. I want you to be successful.

I’m a Crusader for Love!

I‘m thrilled to watch as women’s lives blossom as a result of my teachings.  The fact that they also discover a deep connection and partnership with someone in a way they did not know was possible, is just icing on the cake.

For that reason, I promise, if you are open and transparent with me, I will give you the same level of personal attention as I would my sister and best friends. My impeccable track record is based on my passion for wanting to improve women’s lives!

Beside being incredibly devoted to your transformation, you will enjoy my lessons.  I’ve been teaching these lessons for 15 years.  In the beginning after every class I would analyze what needed to be improved, and I didn’t stop until there was a consistent level of success for my clients.  This is a personal standard to be the best I can be, motivated by the joy of causing people’s life transformation.  I simply would not be happy, unless the result was amazing for my clients.

I think the basis to my success is that I am very observant and analytical and devoted to sharing my knowledge in a fun, easy to learn yet inspired way.

Plus my integrity is so important to me! If I detect someone is not a fit for my style of teaching and coaching, I will refer them to another path, coach or method of learning.

If you are excited or even nervous, and want to know if you are a good candidate for this program, send me a request for a 30 minute free coaching session. If I don’t think this is a good fit for you, I promise to tell you.  Once again, I care about transforming women’s lives, but if someone is not open teachable or even happy with my style, I will refer them to other approaches.

Remember, I won’t give up on you. Let’s find out if you won’t give up on you!

If this speaks to you, please get started and click on the button below.

Dating disasters:Tired of Attracting the Wrong Man

I’m not ready now, but I’m interested in finding out if I have a Broken Picker

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