Emmett’s Story

Now, here’s his story…

I’ve been married three times before Denise. First time for 20 years, the second time for one year, and the third time for three years. I have two grown daughters from the first marriage. In the fifteen years since my first divorce I had mostly been trying to “get back into a solid relationship”. I dated, married, dated, married Whew!  I became tired of that cycle, but not yet tired of looking for the perfect mate.

I was considered to be good looking. I was friendly, authentically chivalrous, talented (could fix anything), professionally and financially successful, and generally nice to be around (so others said). Yet I couldn’t seem to connect with “the one”, no matter what I did.

I wasn’t exactly tired of looking; however I was beginning to doubt that I would ever find “the one.” After all, women were crazy (or at least indecipherable), and I was afraid I would never be able to really trust one again. I had a lot more questions than I had answers, and it only seemed to be getting worse.

Then a good friend suggested I look into a course he had recently completed. He was sure I would get something out of it that would make a difference in my waning search for romance and love. I guess I really wasn’t THAT tired of looking, because I signed up to take that course the very next day.

In that course, the first thing I learned was that women are NOT crazy. They are just different from me. I found out a few other things as well, but I’ll save that for you to learn from Denise’s program.

With Denise, I have found the ideal relationship, the perfect mate, a partner extraordinaire. Taking that course changed everything! But as I look back, I see how thinking “women might be crazy” could have kept me from getting there. Yes?

Here is the rest of the story of how I met my lovely wife!

How it began:

In October of 2000, we attended a course named “Clearly Related”.  We each lived in different states (Colorado and California) and were both single.  Like most other singles, we were both looking for the “perfect relationship”.  We each thought we knew what we wanted, but something was missing in either our approach or our follow through.  It was something we just couldn’t see.  Frankly, neither one of us could understand why we were single.

Of course we had been in long term relationships.  Some were okay, and some were miserable.  Sometimes we were unhappy in those relationships and sometimes we could not understand why our partner was unhappy.  On our own, we never figured it out!  Not even with the help of books, counseling, self help, therapy and many other workshops.  But now, after getting the distinctions about Men and Women that we learned in that course, we know there clearly is a difference in this relationship.  The difference is so amazing to us.  It’s two dreams come true.

That is why we decided to get training in how to teach that course, so that we could share that simple model for being happy in an ideal relationship.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, every day.  We’re a man and a woman in love, with a powerful message to share!

Neither one of us have ever known a relationship so easy, and so completely fulfilling.  Because of some of the tools we learned in that weekend, we knew there was more to explore, even if the traditional chemistry was missing.


And here is her version of how we met. Denise’s Story

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