Do you tend to choose men who disappoint you?

Do you tend to choose men who disappoint you?

Could it be that your method for picking men doesn’t work?

In other words, you have a broken picker!

Changing your patterns is an excellent place to start your relationship transformation. One of the most important patterns to change is your standards about men, yourself and the way you are being treated.

No matter what you have been told in the past, or even what experiences your life has contributed to your current standards, just let them go! Today, declare new standards. Consciously choose standards that will empower you and honor the way you deserve to be loved. Put the “stand” in standards.

What kind of stand will you choose for yourself?

Definitions of the word “Stand”:

-To take up or maintain a specified position, altitude, or course: He stands on his earlier offer. We will stand firm.

-To tolerate and benefit from: I could stand a good night’s sleep.

-To be in a position of possible gain or loss: She stands to make a fortune.

Examples of new stands you can choose:

  • I will be loved, with honor and respect.
  • I will not be under-appreciated, or neglected.
  • I want a partner in life that adores me and always considers my well being before making choices or decisions.
  • My partner in life is delighted and happy with our relationship, and our relationship is filled with fun, happiness, respect, and we never take anything or each other for granted.
  • I let go of men who take me for granted, are disrespectful, or untrustworthy.
  • Today, I will start treating myself with the love and respect, that I want from a partner.
  • I am no longer a victim. I can’t be treated like a victim if I don’t accept his unworthy behavior.
  • I don’t need to get even with men or repeatedly try to get them to realize what they have done wrong. Instead I will just move on. He is not worth my time. I can’t teach him anything if he is not willing to grow.

Hopefully these examples of standards will start to open a new awareness in you that you can’t be hurt if you raise your standards. You must learn when to walk away. Repeatedly trying to get a man to reform, when he is clearly not concerned with the consequence of losing you, is a waste of time. Developing strong and resolute standards will not only protect you, but it will inspire a man to be a better partner. Remember, you will be treated the way you allow yourself to be treated.

Take a stand for yourself today. Sign up for the training. It’s your gift to yourself. Make your declaration that, “I will stop unconsciously treating relationships the way I have in the past. Now I choose to learn a powerful, rewarding and successful relationship model because I stand for great love! I am changing my destiny today!”

About denise

Denise teaches courses that lead to happy women finding great guys and having extraordinary relationships. Devoted to transforming the minds and hearts of women to their own value, understanding of men, and the virtues of partnership. By focusing on partnership skills, Denise's teachings prepare women for an amazing and enduring love.

After a full career as a corporate trainer and process analyst, Denise turned those skills into her crusade to help women discover that great relationships starts with self love and greater standards for choosing a mate. In enlightening workshops Denise shares her best wisdoms and skills revealed after years of teaching effective Partnership courses to couples. Denise's breakthrough moment came when it occurred to her that if she taught women BEFORE they started a relationship, she would ultimately save women from needing workshops or therapy designed to fix or save their marriages.

Denise's husband, partner and love of her life often is a guest at her courses, where the women love to hear his insights. They live in northern California in the Sierra foothills. Their hobby is a continual dream to create the perfect home. (because remodeling is her guilty pleasure!)

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