Men Will Notice You, Even if You Are Overweight!

Men Will Notice You, Even if You Are Overweight!

Let me start by asking you a question…

Which would you say is your experience?

  1. While out socially (parties or clubs) men don’t notice you, or ask you out.
  2. On your dates men don’t seem to be attracted to you.
  3. Online men don’t engage with you or ask you out

There could be several issues at hand.  Since I don’t have the benefit of seeing you face to face and watching how you interact with men.  Let me start you off with some new thoughts.  Because, what you don’t know right now is contributing to your unsuccess with men.

Before I launch into some advice or suggestions, let me start with some inspiration.

Story: RoseAnn

I had a friend who was single and off the market for 20+ years. Dating was not an option for her, let alone love. Or so she thought.  After all she was obese, and did not have what most considered a pretty face. Being a good friend of mine, she witnessed my love life transformation first hand and stunned by my results, she wanted to know, what caused the great change in me!

Because, without going into great detail (you can read my story later), I had changed from being too picky and unsuccessful in love, then suddenly, practically overnight was engaged to an amazing man!

Whatever I got she wanted it!  My single friends all eager to learned what changed my life, asked me to teach them.   That’s how I started teaching women how to be successful in love.

Within 2 months of taking my class, armed with clarity about what men are looking for, but more importantly what was the secret to being irresistible to men, she was now free to date.  Not only was she now open to dating, she was a dating machine.  She was on fire!

You want to appreciate this was the first time in 20+ years, plus, she was empowered to date several men at once!

Now for the shocking news.  Believe it or not, she never changed her appearance.  She didn’t wait till she lost weight, she didn’t buy a new wardrobe, she simply discovered new realities about men and was liberated and excited to flirt with men.

But flirting wasn’t the only cause for her success.  She was inspired by new insights she learned about men.

Insights like:

  • What causes men to notice women
  • What will guarantee a second and third date
  • How to behave on dates
  • How to be a woman that men find irresistible
  • How to catch men and keep them
  • How to be a great partner

The reason why men now found her attractive was because the information she learned caused her true personality and authenticity to be revealed and men noticed!  You know the expression: knowledge is power.  Well in this case, the new knowledge gave her confidence and clarity.

No longer was she confused or daunted by dates.  Instead, feeling grounded with this new information, she became a woman who was fun to date and someone men found irresistible.  So much so, that she seriously was dating a lot of men, and wait for it… was engaged within months.  RoseAnn is married to a man who to this day is still madly in love with her.

Now you might be asking yourself was this a fluke?  Was RoseAnn just a special story?

My awakening happened in 2000

I call it my awakening, because it felt exactly like that.  I was in my forties, clueless about why I was not successful in love.  Then, I took a course about men and the irresistible connection that causes men to be want to be great partners.  The information opened my eyes. So much so, that learning about men and relationships became my passion.  What I learned was a key that opened a door.  Nothing I heard or learned before clicked until that course. No matter the book or course or life experience.  Everything made more sense after learning the missing keys.

Loaded with new clarity and the gift of being a great teacher, I have been teaching women my secrets ever since.

So, getting back to the original inquiry, how to get men to notice you.  I could recommend a style expert to you, but the inner transformation will give you greater results.

Start with a starter course.  Let’s awaken the inner goddess in you and teach what you need to know to be more successful in love!


About denise

Denise teaches courses that lead to happy women finding great guys and having extraordinary relationships. Devoted to transforming the minds and hearts of women to their own value, understanding of men, and the virtues of partnership. By focusing on partnership skills, Denise's teachings prepare women for an amazing and enduring love.

After a full career as a corporate trainer and process analyst, Denise turned those skills into her crusade to help women discover that great relationships starts with self love and greater standards for choosing a mate. In enlightening workshops Denise shares her best wisdoms and skills revealed after years of teaching effective Partnership courses to couples. Denise's breakthrough moment came when it occurred to her that if she taught women BEFORE they started a relationship, she would ultimately save women from needing workshops or therapy designed to fix or save their marriages.

Denise's husband, partner and love of her life often is a guest at her courses, where the women love to hear his insights. They live in northern California in the Sierra foothills. Their hobby is a continual dream to create the perfect home. (because remodeling is her guilty pleasure!)

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