If I could wave my magic wand What would you want for a
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The Plan

We offer many quick and easy lessons!

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SoulMate Map is loved by women for it’s message of hope and forthright advice. If you are looking for inspiration and solid advise about how to breakthrough your pattern of choosing Mr. Wrong, this is a must read!

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We have an online process which reveals what you should be looking for in the perfect SoulMate for you. Say goodbye to kissing frogs and broken hearts. Included is a compatibility test! Yes!! Find out in advance if he is relationship worthy!

Only 10 Lessons!

Say good bye to broken hearts, incompatible men, and fear of dating. In just 10 lessons you will be on your way to great love! Because you will have new confidence and skills. You can start with just a few if you’re skeptical. Be forewarned, they’re addicting!

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Why this is so effective is because you are not alone. You’ll be sharing with other women who are on the same quest, opens the heart and reveals inspired insights! Plus you have the support of me personally!

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What makes us unique?
Our approach is simple and effective.

I started in 2002, teaching relationship skills to men and women in a weekend workshop. The results were phenominal. Couples saved their relationships, and singles were calling us back, joyfully reporting they found love.

What was our secret sauce? We taught them all relationship skills, no one ever told them before. The lessons were simple and easy to remember. So easy, they tell me they still remember them ten years later.

Then one day, I had this thought... If I could teach women to raise their standards when choosing a mate; how to recognize men that would break their heart (so they could let go early before falling in love); and then show them how to start a relationship, so that men will stay engaged and devoted, everyone would win!

Guerss what! It's working. Men are blown away by these women. After learning the basic lessons, women are finding love with men who are enamored by these extraordinary women.

What are my credentials? Success!

  • Inspired

    Every woman feels new confidence

  • Eye Opening

    Rarely heard before lessons

  • Easy To Learn

    Memorable and simple

  • Entertaining

    Everyone laughs


Incredible Lessons for Women

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